In this section, we will discuss the features of fruits

Fruits are a really diverse and delicious food variety. Fruits provide us with a natural source of vitamin C, fiber, and many other nutrients. They are very nutritious and healthy to consume but it is not so obvious that they also provide great flavor as well.

We don’t know exactly how beneficial it is to eat fruits but they surely have their own taste and smell which makes them more desirable than other foods in our daily diet.

But in the same time, there are lots of opinions about which fruits we should choose to eat in the future. Do people prefer apples or oranges? How should we choose bananas or strawberries? Are grapes worth eating or should one put cherry on top? Should you eat them raw or cooked?

The world is getting closer with the internet, more and more people are using it. There is a big demand for fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs. The price of the products is also increasing. This article aims to make people aware about what are the best fruits for health and nutrition, what are their constraints and how to choose them for your diet.

Advertising and marketing are often associated with the idea of „going to the supermarket”. This is not correct. It’s about purchasing more food.