In this section, we will talk about fruits and vegetables

There are many different types of fruits out there. Let’s have a look at them!

Fruits are usually eaten as a snack as well as in healthy and tasty dishes. Many of us have fun playing with fruit or eating them every now and then, without knowing that they contain nutrition. If you love eating fruits, you might even consider going vegetarian but if you love the taste of fruit then it might be hard to go vegan because they are so delicious!

In 2018, supermarket giant Walmart opened the first “Food Truck” festival in New York.The free food festival was a part of their development strategy to promote locally sourced food.

The idea behind the Food Truck festival was to provide people with fresh and local food in a clean, convenient and safe environment. Despite being considered an innovative idea and food truck festivals bringing fresh foods to the society, many critics are saying that these products are not safe for human consumption. The only reason why this Food Truck Festival was allowed to happen is because it’s not too far away from the main shopping mall and thus there is no other option on market but to let these products be sold at Walmart’s Food Court.

I have decided to list a couple of my favourite fruits. In fact I have quite a lot of them on my fridge. These are not just fruits but also vegetables, grains and even spices. We should all be eating more in the near future and one way to do that would be by trying new and exciting products from the wide variety of fruits available in our supermarket shelves.