There are many natural languages for describing foods

As a result, there are countless ways in which you can describe fruits.

In the world of fruits, we have apples, oranges, bananas and so on. There are many types and it is important to know these varieties.

Apples are from the species of apples such as pomenes, peaches. They are very juicy and sweet as they ripen at different times of the year.

Oranges also come in several forms such as: grapefruit (large fruit), eggplant (small orange), grapefruit (small orange) etc…

Bananas are very popular in the tropics and all over the world. They grow well in different climates, especially in warm regions. In fact they prefer warm temperatures because they get sweeter when they ripen at a certain time of year; while plants that need cool weather do not tend to show this quality.

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